News Strange

Ducks everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.

The alligator-like reptile — first spotted in Toronto’s High Park on Sunday — has finally been caught. Officials with the Toronto Police Marine Unit paired with staff from Reptilia yesterday evening to catch the caiman, who was found relaxing in a pond in the west end of the park. A relative of the alligator, caimans usually don’t venture anywhere north of Mexico.

Search and rescue workers combed through the area for about an hour before they finally spotted the 80 centimeter-long reptile. The mission ended after one of them was able to sneak up and grab him from behind at Catfish Pond, where they quickly put him into a net.

Police still aren’t totally sure how the swamp creature ended up so far away from home, but the strongest theory they have so far is that someone purchased him as a pet and dumped him there after he grew too large.

Adult caiman can grow to be as long as two metres.

Fortunately for the little guy, he’ll now be kept at Reptilia until the zoo can find him a permanent home elsewhere. If left in the High Park pond, his health would have deteriorated over time.

See ya later, alligator.

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