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Joan Rivers still fills seats

Kelly Osbourne, Howard Stern, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, the Trumps, the Rancics and Barbara Walters were just some of the famous faces to pay their respects to the comedy pioneer at her funeral on Sunday. In her 2012 memoir, I hate Everyone…Starting With Me, she specified that she wanted her service to be a “showbiz affair with lights, cameras, and action.” The New York Gay Men’s Chorus kicked things off and it also featured moving tributes by Audra McDonald and Hugh Jackman. Stunning. [WATCH MORE]



Royal Spawn: The Sequel

In case you missed it, the Queen is going to be a great-grandmother again, Prince George is going to be a big brother, Prince Charles is going to be a grandpa for a second time, while it’ll be Uncle Harry once more. That’s right, Duchess Kate and Prince William announced that they are “delighted” to be expecting baby no. 2. [WATCH MORE]

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Oops, Miley did it again

Miley Cyrus’ penchant for getting naked was in full force this week. On Friday she was topless and flashing a little under-boob when she posted a pic of a nasty-looking cut on her arm. She also added a video in which she takes on an old-timey accent and wears super-revealing Daisy Dukes. On Saturday night, at an NYFW after-party, she wore only pasties and took to Instagram once again to proudly show off her bod.

And once more, for good measure.


Happy birthday, Beyoncé

Bey, Jay Z and Blue Ivy were in Portofino, celebrating B’s birthday (which was on Sept. 4). She posted a pic of herself on Instagram on Sunday, where she attempted a back walkover, and captioned it: “Thank y’all so much for my birthday wishes! 33!!!!!” But what was better was Jay posting this lovely video in honour of his wife’s special day. Sweet, non? [WATCH MORE]


Cara Delevigne plays hide and seek with the paparazzi

OK, not so much seek. The model and aspiring actress had to be rescued from a bathroom at TIFF because she was being stalked by those camera-toting bad guys. Let’s have Cara tell it, shall we?

Here’s hoping her rescuers weren’t actually orange and simply wearing pretty orange frocks.