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You pop a button on your shirt on your way to work; your dress rips along a seam that’s crucial to maintaining both your modesty and dignity; you get caught in a downpour (or a heat wave) and your hair is just…well, there are no words.

To the rescue: pins! Of the safety and bobby variety. How many times have these simple, tiny little tools gotten us out of a major jam? Probably too many to count — and for that, we’re thankful.

Of course, bobby pins go a long way in prettying up an updo, but maybe you’ve also used one as a makeshift bookmark or to pick a bathroom door lock (those of us with kids know how much older siblings love to lock their younger, less dexterous counterparts in there). Perhaps the unassuming safety pin has pulled through for you where a zipper tab has failed or helped you to retrieve a drawstring lost inside a hood or waistband.

And let’s not forget how cool they made us look back in the ’80s — safety pins decorated our T-shirts, made sure our pants were tailored to an impossible tightness and even served as earrings for the more adventurous among us. If you were a kid back then, you probably decorated them with friendship beads, pinned them to your sneakers and traded them with your pals. Remember?

Safety Pins
Image: Tanagarang

But there’s more than meets the eye to these humble household items. Safety pins and bobby pins have a ton of hidden — and incredibly practical — uses. Want to get the most out of your toothpaste tube? Leave it to a bobby pin. Need to unclog salt and pepper shakers or a gunky garlic press? A safety pin has you covered. Into nail art? So are bobbys! Travelling abroad? Give your personal belongings an extra layer of security by pinning the zippers on your backpack or purse together. And here’s our personal favourite: hammer a nail without hammering your fingers with the help of the heroic bobby pin:

Hammer Bobby pin
Image: Lifehacker

When was the last time a paperclip saved you from certain injury? Oh, and with winter fast approaching, we’d be remiss not to mention this genius remedy for static cling: fasten a safety pin to the inside of your skirt. It’ll act as a conductor for the electricity and keep your clothing from sticking to your tights. Never buying static spray again? That’s something to be thankful for.

So here’s to you, tiny pins! Thank you for all those times you’ve come through for us — and thanks in advance for all your future good deeds. We promise to never let you languish at the bottom of our purses and pockets again. In fact, we’ve got plans to DIY you a new home as soon as we finish these Tic Tacs.

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