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Ariel Dalfen

Ariel Dalfen

Is depression contagious?

Is someone close to you depressed? Can spending time with them affect your own mood? Psychiatrist Dr. Ariel Dalfen explains why depression can be contagious.
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The Loop, January 9, 2014 12:30:47 PM

Mental health is becoming a serious issue across the country. Everyday, 500,000 Canadians miss work because of some form of mental illness. Another twenty-two percent of us are affected by an anxiety or mood disorder, and one in five Canadians has experienced a form of mental illness in their lifetime.

On January 28th, Bell Let’s Talk Day hopes to change that – and all you have to do to help is pick up the phone. Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives for every text message sent and long distance call made through its service. Additionally, donations will also be made if you Tweet using #BellLetsTalk or if you share the Bell Let’s Talk image on Facebook.

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