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Meet the cronut, AKA the best food hybrid ever

Here's hoping a Canadian bakery starts serving a version of these treats soon.
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The Loop, May 10, 2013 4:45:22 PM

Excuse us while we indulge in a When Harry Met Sally moment as we simply gaze at this edible decadence, the cronut.

Combining two of our favourite foods together: the doughnut and croissant, pastry chef Dominique Ansel has created in one word, a masterpiece at his eponymous bakery in New York City. While layers of flaky pastry dough deep-fried and dressed in flavoured sugar is already a winner in our books, let’s thank Ansel for taking it one step further filling these babies with heavenly vanilla pastry cream and cloaking them in rose glaze (image below). Sigh.

This bakery feat was almost rocket science to produce according to Grub Street New York and entailed testing several recipes and frying temperatures. Kudos to Ansel for figuring it all out. If you’re in New York next month, stop by for a cronut featuring maple syrup cream and lemon maple glaze. Word to pastry addicts: the cronuts sold out within 35 minutes of opening today so get there before the doors are actually unlocked. And be a dear and try and sneak a couple back for us. Thank you.

Images courtesy Dominique Ansel Bakery

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