Easy ways to start a blog

Think it’s too late to start a blog? Think again! Kim D’Eon and Lianne Phillipson-Webb catch up with some of the country’s biggest bloggers at Blissdom Canada to talk about how they got their start – and the easy ways YOU can find your online voice.
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The Loop, November 11, 2013 2:25:50 PM

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but just didn’t know where to start? Having an online presence seems like a given in our social-oriented culture, but finding your voice and deciding what you want to say can often be overwhelming. Consider these these first-hand pieces of advice from Canadian bloggers if you’re considering to start a blog of your own.

On starting out

“I make just as many mistakes now as I did back then then. And it’s okay, cause it’s my blog… Anything you put out there, you do have to own it. And the best way to put it out there is being honest… People throw the authenticity word around, but whatever you put out there, if it’s you, and it’s honest, then somebody will reciprocate and appreciate that, and that’s how you build an audience. It sounds really simple, because it is.” – Dee, blogging for 6 years @ cocktaildeeva.com

“Initially [blogging] didn’t take me that far. It was writing a bunch of posts and not being sure if anyone other than my sister-in-law was actually reading what it was that I was writing. My sister-in-law actually sent me an article… and I ended up writing a huge response [to it], and I ended up with a lot of people then suddenly finding my blog and commenting and all of a sudden it wasn’t only my sister-in-law who was reading it and I was able to engage with people.” – Annie, blogging for 5 years @ phdinparenting.com

On interacting with the online audience

“I’m very opinionated. There have been times where I haven’t been totally true. I’ve written maybe what I think maybe people want to hear and I’ve been called on it.” – Samantha @ coreexpectations.com

“People would come on and completely disagree with what it was that I would have to say, or other people who would completely agree with what it was, and that was a big part of how the blog grew, it was just fostering that healthy debate.” – Annie

On the detractors

“Just like that old saying, haters are gonna hate. If you’re going to do this, you have to be prepared to put your big girl panties on and know that somebody’s not going to like you, no matter what you do. Once I write a blog post, I don’t edit myself – my grammar, my spelling are horrible – but I want it to be my true voice.” – Dee

On finding your voice

It takes a while to figure out what your voice is. Are you going to be the “Mommy blogger”, are you going to blog about coupons and products. Are you going to blog a little bit about everything? You don’t have to be niched into a category.” – Dee

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