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Cynthia Loyst

Resolutions for your relationships

Whether you’re romantically involved and in a slump or just hoping to be a better friend, Cynthia Loyst gives you five foolproof New Year’s resolutions for the relationships in your life.
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The Loop, December 18, 2013 9:15:53 AM

With the start of a new year, it’s the time when many of us make promises that we hope to keep for the next 365 days. We resolve to eat better, work out more, play less with our smartphones – you get the idea. Are you likely to keep them? Well that depends on one thing: you. This year, what if you resolved to make it less about you, and more about your relationships? If you like the sound of that, check out these five resolutions you can easily keep for the year ahead.

Do you have trouble keeping your resolutions? Here are five tips to help keep on top of those promises for the new year:

1. Be specific

We’re all for creating resolutions for the new year, but many of us make promises with vague goals. Set you sights on a specific goal with a deadline, rather than a general promise to keep. For example, if you promise to “lose weight this year”, consider amending your goal to “I want to lose 10 pounds by June”.

2. Take small steps, not giant leaps

Nobody said change had to happen overnight. Going from zero to a hundred often results in plans being derailed, so start to make changes gradually in an effort to realistically stick with your resolutions. Break down your larger goal down into smaller ones: this will help you hit more milestones with a greater sense of accomplishment rather than only recognizing success if you make it to the larger goal.

3. Keep a journal

It’s easy to get discouraged when working towards your goal if you can’t see the progress you’ve made from the start. Log your feelings, emotions, frustrations, success and losses to remind yourself of the progress you have made as opposed to focusing on what you have yet to achieve.

4. It’s okay to make mistakes

Let’s face it: we’re not perfect. There are bound to be slip ups on the journey towards your goal. Rather than blame yourself, simply accept that it happened and resolve to move past it. Don’t wait until the next day to get back on the bandwagon, climb back on right away and keep going.

5. Set up a support system

A support system comprised of family and friends can help you get to your goal faster. Fill them in on what you’re trying to achieve and make them an active participants in your goal. Whether they just check in on your progress or are tackling the challenge right along with you, having key members of a support team that you can turn to is essential to reach your resolution.

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