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Kid-friendly Mother’s Day breakfast in bed ideas

Spoil mom with a delicious wake up call on her special day.
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Lianne Phillipson-Webb, May 10, 2013 7:30:33 AM

Most moms on Mother’s Day would appreciate time to sleep in (or if you are me just lay in peace, as I always wake up early), being doted on and going no where near the kitchen or laundry room for the day. The kids need to learn early that the day is all about mom. Most moms will take a step back from organizing everything from what’s on the menu for the picky eater, finding Suzie’s Girl Guides sash for the troop meeting and where Tom’s soccer cleats have vanished to this week.

Teach the family how you want the day to look. If you want breakfast in bed, mention it in advance. Forward dad this post with suggestions of what kids can cook or prepare for your tray. These ideas should get them going:

French toast with a twist 
Fire up the frying pan and get the kids to whisk up some eggs with a dash of milk. Add in some black pepper, cinnamon and vanilla extract to jazz it up. Place the bread into the mixture to soak up, flip and put into the frying pan to cook. Keep warm in a 150 degree oven until they are all finished. Serve with fresh berries, mint and maple syrup.

Granola, yogurt and berries 
If assembling breakfast is more up their street, then choose a fancy tea cup or glass. Layer full fat greek yogurt (yes it’s Mother’s Day – live a little), a sprinkling of her fave granola, some blueberries, blackberries and strawberries or mango and peach twice and serve with maple syrup on the side. A simple and delicious breakfast that a kid of any age can make.

Bagel, cream cheese and smoked salmon 
Another simple and yet not mom made breakfast. Kids love to spread anything so load it up and have them make a fancy design with the salmon. Mom will love it however wonky it comes.

Pancakes and fruit salad 
Kids love to eat and make pancakes. Mix up moms favourite recipe or use a pre-mix like Bob’s Red Mill that only needs milk and eggs and the kids are good to go. Some creme fraiche or Greek yogurt on the side with a pile of fresh fruit salad with mint leaves from the garden will look fancier than a top restaurant.

Making some effort for mom speaks volumes in appreciation for what she does all year long. It’s worth an extra special breakfast-in-bed tray with a flower or two, nice napkins and of course the home or school made cards oozing with ‘I love yous’!

Happy Mother’s Day. Let them spoil you rotten.

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Lianne Phillipson-Webb

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