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5 unusual Thanksgiving recipes that even Grandma will love

Your tastebuds (and your guests) will thank you for these flavourful overhauls of your traditional favourites.
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Laura Keltie, October 9, 2013 11:13:19 AM

Growing up, I hated the taste of turkey. Not only that, I couldn’t fathom why anybody would pour cranberry sauce over it. Instead, I voraciously dug into the stuffing and patiently waited for dessert, thankful that another year had passed without having to stomach a piece of berry-covered bird. I can see now the error in my undeveloped palate’s ways. I’ve changed. These days I jump at the chance to taste a piece of tender turkey, complimented with a healthy serving of fluffy mashed potatoes, and once in a while, I even manage a spoonful or two of the sauce that formerly made no sense.

This year, amp up your traditional meal and try these unusual takes on classic favourites. We guarantee that even Grandma will be impressed.

Starter: Butternut squash shooters
What better way to start a festive fall meal than with an interactive appetizer. This light soup is full of taste, but won’t fill you up before your feast.

Main: Cider-brined roasted turkey
Mmm-mmmm! Sign us up for dinner with this delicious cider-brined turkey. Letting the turkey marinate overnight in this savoury brine is the trick to making this delicious course, so be patient and ye shall be rewarded with incredible taste.

Side: Cornbread and chorizo stuffing
This twist on a traditional staple results in a delicious side dish. The combination of warm homemade cornbread with flavourful chorizo is sure to make your taste buds siiiiiing!

Side: Garlic and chive mashed potatoes
What cranberry is to turkey is what mashed potatoes are to – well – turkey, too. A Thanksgiving meal just isn’t complete without it. Roasted garlic and chives add depth of flavour to this basic side, but if you really want to amp it up, add bacon, onions or sour cream for a truly perfect potato dish.

Dessert: Pumpkin cheesecake
This seasonal spin on a traditional favourite is sure to have your family asking for seconds. Best of all: this makes a fantastic fall dessert that you can enjoy anytime and not just at your holiday meal.

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Laura Keltie

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