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Find out why this home is called the Chulo Canyon Cave House

You won't believe how creative the original owners got with this home's design. Feast your eyes on a house that is truly one-of-a-kind.
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Brandon Miller, May 22, 2013 8:33:12 AM

The Property: 3204 W Highway 80, Bisbee, Arizona

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is a unique slice of Arizona living. A mountainside home, this is not your typical desert abode. Set on a 35.96-acre lot, this 2,568 square feet. It features elements like an in-ground swimming pool, a hot tub, an exercise room, and a metal roof. You can find this distinctive gem in the Mule Mountains.

The Wow Factor: You might feel like a Flinstone in this home, because it’s made entirely of rock. Like, seriously, it’s a cave, carved into boulders using a Swedish mining technique. Buried 2,000 square feet into granite rock face, this home maintains stable temperatures year-round – which, as you can imagine, is a selling point in Arizona. Water is another awesome green element. It is supplied by way of a natural spring – and that goes toward everything from the shower water to the hot tub.

The Price: It might look antiquated, but this home won’t come cheap. It’s currently listed at $1.5 million. That’s a lot but, then again, how many people can say they live in a cave? Probably not very many (at least on this continent)! To see if you could afford a cave home like this, use our mortgage-calculating tool below.

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Brandon Miller

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