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Lianne Phillipson-Webb

Lianne Phillipson-Web

Top tips for a healthier Halloween

Lianne Phillipson-Webb shares inventive approaches to handling Halloween as a family that might just prevent your kids from bouncing off the walls.
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The Loop, October 18, 2013 10:57:07 AM

With Halloween just around the corner, how do you navigate the massive amounts of candy that your kids will be around? Here are some suggestions on how to handle the Halloween candy condundrum:

Plan ahead of time

Your kids will already have their costumes planned out days (if not weeks! months!) before the big night, so sit down together ahead of time and talk about what’s going to happen that night: what are you going to hand out and what are you going to do with all of the candy that your kids will collect.

Consider introducing the concept of the “Halloween Fairy”: let your kids eat whatever they want that night, then have them leave out their loot that night to “trade up” for something that they really want instead – it could be a book, a toy, a gift card, and so on. This will keep your kids from munching on all of that candy, but still give them a treat and make them feel like they haven’t missed out.

Set boundaries on candy

You might also want to consider talking about with your kids about what candy they’re going to eat. Reinforce what you prefer they not eat; this might be gummies with artificial flavours, harder candy, etc. Once you set out the boundaries with them about what they have to skip, let them pick from within what’s allowed to enjoy instead.

Treats don’t have to be sweets!

Your kids should be involved in the decision of what you’re going to be handing out. There’s a fine line between the cool, hip house and the house that nobody wants to go to because you don’t hand out good loot. Stickers, pencils, erasers – they’re all great idea of non-sweet items you could give out. You could also consider handing out some fair trade sweets or little bars of chocolate for the older kids who are still really into just collecting candy.

Hope you’re as excited for Halloween as we are:

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