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Cold & flu season survival strategies

The colder months mean more colds right? Maybe not. Lianne Phillipson-Webb gives us some safe and easy strategies for facing the nasty bugs that are around every corner.
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The Loop, October 18, 2013 11:11:24 AM

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, which means that cold and flu season is just around the corner. How are you going to weather the storm of all the bugs and viruses this season? Here are some tips and tricks to stay healthy.

The power of prevention

The most important part to cold and flu season is how to prevent it from the start. Keeping sugar in your diet to an absolute minimum is imperative: sugar slows down your system to a crawl, preventing it from fighting anything that might develop into an illness. Fermented foods, like kombucha, are amazing for probiotics to keep your immune system in fighting condition. And including brightly coloured foods like peppers, sweet potatoes and anything antioxident rich will keep your system strong. As well, topping up your vitamin intake, like zinc and vitamin C, around this time of year is a crucial step to beat the bug.

Coping with a cold

If you start feeling the signs of a cold coming on – like a scratchy throat or itchy nose – get going with garlic as soon as possible. Its antibacterial and anti-viral properties are amazing at blasting anything that’s coming at you. Put in a mug some raw garlic, lemon, honey and hot water to make an immune-boosting tea. To sooth a scratchy throat, try a honey lozenge or honey lemon tea for some comfort. Keep in mind: when you starting to develop symptoms, your appetite might change. Keeping hydrated is essential to flush the bug out of your system, so try consuming coconut water or chicken broth. Additionally, try to avoid dairy, which will help reduce mucous build-up in your system.

Rebuilding your system

When you feel like your cold or flu is starting to lift, you’ll want to start re-buidling your system. Consider consuming a dish with miso, which has incredible nutrients that will help your body recover. Easy back into dairy products; if you’re a milk drinker, start drinking it again slowly, as you don’t want to re-start mucous production too quickly. And be sure to keep taking your vitamins because it’ll keep your system strong as you fight off the last bit of the virus in your body.

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