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Maddox Jolie-Pitt is dating: Is 11 too young?

Those Jolie-Pitt kids—they grow up so fast!!!
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Courtney Shea, April 30, 2013 4:51:54 PM

When Maddox Jolie-Pitt isn’t ripping around on dirt bikes or designing violent jewellry, apparently Brangelina’s eldest son is dating. So says a new article in the National Enquirer, which claims that the 11-year-old recently went on a bodyguard-supervised date with his mother’s blessing.

The backstory is as follows: Apparently Maddox met his dream girl at a party. The young lovers exchanged phone numbers and began regular texting each other. This was all on the d.l. until Mad’s younger brother Pax decided to tattle to Angelina, who then did what mothers and fathers have been doing since the dawn of time: she snooped.

After inspecting Maddox’s cell phone and determining the the texts were innocent and age appropriate, Ange apprently suggested that her son and his mystery tween go out on a date. Which they did—dinner and a movie, I gather and, as mentioned, a member of the Jolie-Pitt security squad was there to chaperone the whole thing.

Of course it isn’t too surprising that Ange is progressive when it comes to this sort of thing, but Maddox’s new status as “man on the scene” begs a bigger question: Is 11 too young to date?

Hmmmm. A lot of parents would probably say yes it is, but first let’s examine exactly what “dating” means in the 11 year old universe. Based on the Enquirer‘s story, Maddox’s big night may have been romantic, but it wasn’t remotely sexual. So then the question becomes should boys and girls be allowed to hang out while supervised?

The answer (of course) is yes. Also, while I’m more of a Team Aniston type, I’ve got to applaud AJ for being so present in her son’s love life. Those teen years can get pretty awkward and for a lot of parents this is the time when their kids start to lead secret, separate lives.

I had friends who were sexually active at Maddox’s age and while there is no hard and fast rule for why certain kids do certain things, I’m pretty sure the underage fornication wasn’t caused by overly-involved parents

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Courtney Shea


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