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Michael Buble didn’t feel the baby bond right away

The singer admits it took him a full day to "get it."
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Chiara O. Scuri, September 10, 2013 2:13:44 PM

There are all sorts of tyrannical myths about parenthood that have been repeated so many times, you feel as though you must also repeat them or risk social annihilation.

After all, expectant mothers know they’re supposed to gush about how being pregnant is the “most magical” time of their life, even though many spend a good portion of it with their head in the toilet, semi-narcoleptic and considering more pleasurable pastimes to what they’re currently feeling, like getting hit by a truck.

But if you dare complain… watch out! You are already a terrible mother and human being.

The same goes for bonding with your child. It’s true that many parents feel an indescribable love for their newborn the moment they emerge from the womb. This is wonderful.

Others don’t. For whatever reason, a new mother can take hours, days, even weeks or months to properly bond with baby. For fathers it’s the same. There are a host of reasons why this is the case. And most are afraid to admit it lest they incur the wrathful judgment of those who expect them to toe the parent party line.

So thank goodness for Michael Buble, who admitted that it took him a day before he fully absorbed the reality of becoming a first-time dad to son Noah, born on August 27 in Vancouver.

“I didn’t have that overwhelming feeling of love. I’m being honest with you,” the singer, 38, said during a Wednesday appearance on The Social (via People).

“I’d heard all of these stories about how this moment was life-changing, but it wasn’t like that for me. I was nervous for my wife, and I was happy that he was healthy … but, that day, it was like meeting a stranger.”

Once the shock had settled and Noah had spent a full day with his folks, Buble says his delayed reaction caught up with him.

“That next night, it really clicked,” he shares. “I was looking at him and all of a sudden, I got it.”

If more high profile people were brave enough to tell the truth about their own experiences, it would go a long way toward diminishing the stigma faced by non-famous moms and dads. That way, instead of adding guilt to their long list of new anxieties, they’d be able to relax, knowing they’re in good company, and that the love will come pouring out in its own good time.

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Chiara O. Scuri


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