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Two-year old basketball prodigy outshoots Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper

"Trick Shot" Titus is a testament to the power of relaxed house rules.
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Devon Scoble, December 9, 2013 2:29:09 PM

Think you could best a toddler at shooting hoops? You probably could beat most toddlers, but I’d hesitate before challenging two-year old “Trick Shot” Titus Ashby to a shootout. The pint-sized basketball dynamo has already beaten Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum, scored a pre-game basket on a regulation-sized hoop at Wichita State University, and aced a shot from a seventh floor balcony. He shoots trick shots off walls, over walls, and from moving (toy) cars.

Titus is an Internet sensation and a frequent guest on television shows across the world, including Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Today Show.

More importantly, he is the child of parents who have encouraged him to have fun, regardless of the damage it must wreak on their home. No doubt the Ashby family home has suffered its share of broken items in pursuit of Titus’ strange and wonderful hobby, but the joy his trick shots bring to his parents and siblings, who appear in his videos, is palpable.

This is what happens when talent, encouragement, joy, celebrity and snappy editing come together.

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Devon Scoble


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