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This could be the best baby announcement, ever

Couple films horror-style trailer to share their exciting news.
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Laura Keltie, January 20, 2014 11:02:14 AM

In an age where unique engagement proposals, weddings themes, baby names and baby announcements prevail, remarkably, this couple have managed to raise the bar.

Forgoing a warm and fuzzy announcement, Brandon and Robin Pitts decided to have a bit of fun revealing they were expecting their first child by filming a 2-minute, horror-movie trailer. However, in sharing their news with family and friends, they inadvertently also shared their joy with the world: Their YouTube clip has generated close to 200,000 views on YouTube since being posted in late December, and numerous media outlets have picked up the video across the globe.

Considering the amount of effort, planning, scripting and editing put into this announcement, we’re expecting a fantastic follow-up from these two awesome parents-to-be once their child is born later this year.

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Laura Keltie


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