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Good Samaritan hands Taylor Swift tickets to cheated teens

Roxy Lacroix's fake tickets ruined her night, until a man's act of total selflessness made her year.
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Chiara O. Scuri, June 29, 2013 12:12:34 AM

In a world where terrible things seem to happen at a consistent pace, it’s important to remember that there are also wonderful things to temper the balance.

Case in point: Winnipeg teen Roxy Lacroix had been looking forward to the Taylor Swift concert ever since she purchased a pair of tickets on Kijiji.

Her boyfriend by her side, Lacroix showed up at Investors Group Field in a state of excitement and anticipation.

But as CBC reports, that excitement soon turned to heartbreak after she learned her tickets were fakes and she wouldn’t be able to get into the arena.

Lacroix had burst into tears from the disappointing and cruel life lesson she’d just been handed, when a man approached the young couple.

Raymond Bernier had been a fan of Taylor Swift since meeting the singer a few years earlier at the Children’s Hospital.

He had purchased a ticket in hopes of getting a picture with the young superstar, but after he heard how the young people in front of him had been treated, he decided that photo opp could wait.

Though he initially offered one of his two tickets to the teens, he was struck by their loyalty to each other.

Lacroix would rather not see the show than see it without her boyfriend, a decision that touched Bernier’s heart.

“And he’s like, ‘you know what?’ And he takes out his wallet, takes out another ticket and he’s like, ‘I have two to give to you guys,’” Lacroix relates to the news network.

Wanting to thank Bernier for his selfless action, but only having his first name, Lacroix turned to social media to track the Good Samaritan down. Friends were able to link the two and the teen called him Monday night to thank him again.

For his part, Bernier revealed that he had also cried that night, but for a different reason. Seeing how happy he had made the young couple, he burst into tears of joy.

So to the creep on Kijiji selling fake tickets, your selfishness managed to produce a beautiful moment of human compassion. You may have earned a bit of pocket money but you lose on every other level imaginable.


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