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Canada Day special: Winnipeg makes “living” Canadian flag

Thousands of proud Canadians gathered in red and white tees to create the ultimate patriotic symbol.
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Chiara O. Scuri, July 2, 2013 11:48:26 AM

No matter how proud you were to be a Canadian yesterday – and every day, for that matter – a few thousand volunteers in Winnipeg may have outdone you in the patriotic department.

As CBC reports, nearly 3,500 people in the Winnipeg area woke up on Canada Day, put on a red or white T-shirt and stood outside the provincial legislature building to create an enormous “living Canadian flag.”

The proud ‘Peggers hope to defend their title as purveyors of the country’s largest living flag against stiff competition from Ottawa, Victoria and Calgary and it looks like they have a good shot.

Since they started competing three years ago, they’ve taken the top score twice. Another win will make for a perfect hat trick and establish the Manitoba capital as the place to beat.

CBC spoke to participant Maralie White, who explained why she braved the crowds to demonstrate her Canadian spirit.

“Oh, I want to show my colours, that I am a very proud Canadian, because it’s afforded me a very comfortable life,” the Jamaica-born woman said.

If Winnipeg wins again this year, the rest of us will have to think up an even better prize than January’s Canada Post stamp to honour last year’s win.

Perhaps a cross-country tour of the living flag as it assembles itself in provincial capitals across the nation? That would ensure several hundred thousand turn out for next year’s attempt.


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Chiara O. Scuri

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