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Message-in-a-bottle pen pals meet after 34 years

If it sounds like a story from an old novel that's probably because so many start this way.
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July 7, 2013 6:35:54 AM

Picture this: A nine-year-old British boy writes a note, stuffs it in a bottle and throws it into the English Channel.

Hundreds of miles away, a nine-year-old girl in France eventually finds it on the beach in Cherbourg while walking her dog. The note said, “My name is Adrian Lomas – I’m aged nine and live in England, if you find this letter please write to me.”

And so she did.

For 34 years the two remain devoted pen pals, sharing the stories of their lives, their loves and their dreams.

But despite the relatively short distance between them, Adrian Lomas and Emmanuelle Demeautis never met in person.

As BBC News reports, that all changed this week when the longtime friends finally got a chance to hug one another in the flesh.

While Lomas was in town for the Tour de France, Demeautis drove two hours to meet him. Needless to say the encounter was memorable.

“It was a really emotional meeting,” Lomas tells the news network.

But for those who would a storybook ending you’ll have to be content with a lifelong friendship instead of a romance.

Both Lomas and Demeautis are happily married – to other people.

Perhaps the old trope could switch up to include a different kind of love – the love of friends brought together by pure chance, their friendship nurtured over decades.


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