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Waitress comps breastfeeding mom’s pizza

The fellow breastfeeding mom wanted her customer to know she appreciates the battle to nurse in public.
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Chiara O. Scuri, July 20, 2013 5:34:34 AM

As any breastfeeding mother knows, people can be downright terrible when they “dare” to feed their hungry babies in public.

From stares and dirty looks to downright rude comments, breast have so long been socialized as sexual objects that when they’re used for their actual purpose – to sustain the life of a newborn – some people completely go off the dial.

Because of this stress new mothers constantly have to handle (in addition to the million and one other stresses of motherhood), one kind-hearted waitress at a pizza restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa decided to honour a customer, a breastfeeding mother of three children under four, by comping her pizza.

As Yahoo! Shine reports, Jackie Johnson-Smith was celebrating her birthday at Fong’s Pizza with her family, when her one-year-old started fussing and she needed to soothe him with a little snack.

So she tossed on her nursing cover and began to feed him. She ended up finishing the feeding in her car. “I usually don’t like to breastfeed in public because people can be judgmental,” she says. “The waitress kept walking by, and I was worried she didn’t want me nursing in the restaurant.”

The waitress did keep walking by, but had the complete opposite reaction to what Johnson-Smith believed.

Bodi Kinney, her waitress and a breastfeeding mom herself, was so pleased to see a fellow mom braving the judgment and nursing in public that she comped the pizza off her customer’s bill.

“Although I nurse my baby no matter where I am—at the supermarket, in clothing stores—people often react negatively. Recently, I had to leave my daughter’s school play to nurse my 8-month-old for fear of offending someone. I wanted to let this woman know in some shape or form, that she was doing the right thing,” Kinney told Yahoo!

When Johnson-Smith received the bill, along with Kinney’s kind note, she was so overwhelmed she couldn’t even go back into the restaurant to thank her.

Instead, she posted a picture of the receipt on social media and let the rest of the world chime in.

Now nearly 3,000 people have lauded Kinney’s actions and resparked the dialogue supporting mothers nursing in public. A conversation that needs to happen until no one bats an eyelash anymore.


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Chiara O. Scuri

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