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Paul McCartney offers free concert tickets to Lac-Megantic survivors

His Quebec City show may offer a few hours of respite for the traumatized town.
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Chiara O. Scuri, July 25, 2013 5:48:55 AM

With the tragedy of Lac-Megantic still fresh on Canadians’ minds, one British superstar has decided to honour the victims and their families through his music.

Sir Paul McCartney announced that he would be offering free tickets to survivors of the deadly train crash and resulting blast so they can attend his upcoming Quebec City show.

Tickets will be handed out on Saturday, July 20, the two-week anniversary of the disaster.

McCartney will also reportedly address the tragedy during his show, although no one can confirm what he’ll say.

While a concert isn’t going to fix what happened, it can provide a much needed opportunity for survivors to have a bit of enjoyment in this traumatic time.

“We want to give a moment of respite, a few hours of pleasure which will perhaps take their minds off the tragedy into which they have been plunged in the last two weeks,” said Daniel Gelinas, director general of 3 E Event, Experience, Emotion, the concert promoter putting on the show.

According to the Toronto Star, the promoters ran the idea by McCartney’s team earlier this week and they swiftly agreed. Lac-Megantic mayor Colette Roy-Laroche also thought it would be a good thing for her devastated townsfolk.

McCartney’s show ran on July 23, on the historic Plains of Abraham.

The former Beatle is known for his commitment to charitable organizations and all sorts of great humanitarian (and animal advocacy) work.


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Chiara O. Scuri

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