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Tim Hortons skunk saved by kind camerman

Selfless Toronto camerman throws caution to the wind to rescue skunk with its head stuck in a Tim Hortons cup.
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Eleanor Murphy, August 2, 2013 10:18:05 AM

The world can be separated into two categories – those who would risk a stink shower to save a skunk and those who would not. Thankfully, City TV camerman, Bert Dandy, falls into the former.

CBC reports that a skunk was found meandering around Toronto’s Highway 401 with a Tim Hortons Ice Capp cup stuck to his head.

A CBC videographer, Tony Smyth, was on hand to catch the good deed on film. He described the scene: “He was trying to get it off with his little paws and bumping off the curbs. Obviously, he couldn’t see a thing.”

The visual is, of course, hilarious but the reality is sobering because there were only three viable outcomes for the disoriented critter. 1) get run over by a car 2) starve to death 3) become a Tim Hortons spokes-skunk.

So, casting aside any regard for his own scent safety, Bert the Brave came to the aid of the distressed animal (on a sidenote, isn’t “Bert Dandy” such a great name? How could you not be nice with a name like “Bert Dandy”?). He approached the skunk and quickly pulled the cup off and the creature scampered away.

Smyth added:”You see the strangest things on night shift.”

The strangest and the sweetest things.

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