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Justin Timberlake makes Make-a-Wish teen’s day

The singer stopped his media blitz to chat with a 13-year-old brain surgery survivor.
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Chiara O. Scuri, August 29, 2013 9:34:31 AM

Stars, they’re just like us! Except they have the power to make someone’s entire week.

Busy on his post-VMA media tour, Justin Timberlake was in New York to appear on a live radio show.

As his handlers whisked him through the building, TMZ reports that he stopped to speak to a woman who also happened to be there.

Tina DiLascio mentioned that her 13-year-old daughter, who is a big JT fan, happened to be a brain surgery survivor and Make-a-Wish participant.

Last year, Giana underwent a serious procedure to fix a blockage in her pituitary gland.

Without missing a beat, Justin asked Tina if Giana was nearby. She was. So Justin put his interview plans on hold and went to meet her.

They talked for a few minutes, long enough for Giana to tell Justin he is “the next Michael Jackson” and for the teen to get a photo with her idol, which Justin made her promise she’d use as her screensaver.

She was happy to comply.


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Chiara O. Scuri

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