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Robber delivers apology note, cash to victims

12 years after he stole from their grocery store, the former drug addict wanted to make amends.
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Chiara O. Scuri, September 10, 2013 8:07:52 AM

It’s easy to feel doubly victimized by an armed robbery when the perpetrator isn’t caught.

Not only do you feel violated, you have to live with the fact that the person or people who made you feel that way have not had to answer for their actions.

This is what happened 12 years ago to Nashville grocery store owner Keosavanh Xayarath and his family when a man walked into their InterAsian Market and Deli one September, pulled out a gun and demanded the $300 they kept in their cash register.

Though a dozen years have passed since the incident, and the family has tried to put it behind them, these sorts of events never quite leave the people they affect.

So when the same man walked into their store and handed Xayarath’s son an envelope, they didn’t know what to expect.

The man left, and they opened the letter. Inside was $400 in cash and one of the most astonishing note they’d ever read.

In the note, the man admitted he was a recovering drug addict who had robbed their store 12 years prior. He said he was no longer on drugs, on the mend, and was seeking to repair the damage he had wrought while under the influence. Part of that repair included returning the money he’d stolen from them and asking their forgiveness.

Naturally, the family complied. In fact, they want the world to know there’s hope for awful situations to turn into life-affirming ones. They scanned and uploaded the handwritten note and shared it with the Internet.

‘This is truly inspirational and reminds us that there are plenty of good people in this world. To the anonymous person, we want to tell you all is forgiven and thank for your note,’ they wrote, along with the image of the note.

‘We don’t care about the money. We are more inspired and touched by your act. We hope you find peace in life and prosperity. Best wishes!’

Couldn’t have said it better.

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Chiara O. Scuri

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