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Loyal dog tips off parents about abusive nanny

Killian's growls saved their seven-month-old from continued abuse.
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Chiara O. Scuri, September 16, 2013 9:37:35 AM

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. You hire someone to look after your child while you’re at work, even run a background check, only to discover that they’re hurting the baby in your absence.

The baby is too young to say something, so it can go undetected for far too long.

Benjamin Jordan and his wife hired Alexis Khan to look after baby Finn when he was two months old. She had been with the family for five months, as ABC News reports, before the parents noticed that their dog, Killian, would growl and snarl whenever he was in the presence of the sitter.

“We noticed the dog was getting very defensive when Alexis was around. He would growl and stand between her and our son. His hair would stand up on the back of his neck and we knew something was up,” he told the news network.

At first, they suspected Khan was abusing the dog. They set up an iPhone recorder underneath the living room couch to gather evidence of her behaviour.

When they replayed the audio, however, they discovered Khan was directing her abuse toward their son instead.

“On the recording, Khan can be heard telling the infant to ‘shut the f*** up’ and calling him expletives. The baby is heard crying, and noises that sound like slapping and shaking can be heard,” the article notes.

After taking Finn to the hospital to check him for signs of abuse, they took the recording to the police. Khan confessed to the abuse and recently received a three-year prison sentence.

Her name will go on record under child abusers and she’ll never be able to work with children again.

As for Killian, he’s truly the definition of human’s best friend.


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Chiara O. Scuri

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