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Old love letters reunite couple after 30 years apart

Loraine Atkins realized she'd been too hasty to break up with "the one for her."
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Chiara O. Scuri, September 21, 2013 10:24:47 AM

There’s nothing quite like young love – except when one of the lovers is too young to recognize a good thing.

Loraine Atkins was 16 when she started taking Terry McGurk. The year was 1982 and they were both students at The Queens School in Hertfordshire, UK.

Terry, who was a year younger, was smitten. He wrote Loraine love letters every day, some 20 pages long.

Though they dated for two years, Loraine decided to cast her net in wider seas after she graduated a year ahead of her beau. They broke up and didn’t stay in touch.

After her marriage failed in 2008, however, Loraine took solace in the many letters of Terry’s she had kept since her school days. It was then she realized what she had given up.

‘I wept as I re-read the heartfelt letters from all those years ago. I thought about all the time which had passed, and how happy I’d been with Terry,” she told the Daily Mail.

‘I realized I had to know how he was, what kind of person he’d become, what sort of life he was leading.

Thank goodness for Facebook. Loraine tracked him down on the social media site and got in touch.

As it so happened, this go-round timing was on their side. Terry was in the process of ending a long-term relationship and Loraine’s message couldn’t have come at a better moment. Except he got scared and deleted his account instead.

‘I deleted my Facebook account and tried not to think about her, but after six months, I got back in touch. I couldn’t help it, but she was always on my mind,” he added.

Now, 30 years later, the couple has started dating again – and they couldn’t be happier.

‘He was all I had ever wanted. Why else would I have kept those letters? It sounds cheesy, but I knew he was the one for me,” Loraine said.

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Chiara O. Scuri

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