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Bullied teen’s aunt rallies up support group behind him

100 family friends gathered to show the Oregon boy he's not alone
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Chiara O. Scuri, October 23, 2013 2:58:17 PM

Thank goodness for family.

To bullied teens they can’t make up for the isolation they feel from their peers, but man does it ever make a difference to know that loved ones will always stand behind you and help you through the hellscape that can be school for some.

Portland, Ore. teen Halsey Parkerson learned just how much his family cares recently. The teenager was telling his aunt how badly a few of his peers had been bullying him at school during a lunch date. His aunt bristled when Halsey told her how one of his tormentors had turned around just to tell him that he had no friends and no one cares about him.

To prove that jerk wrong, the aunt put out an instant message on her Facebook car club and within days, 50 cars carrying around 100 people from as far away as Vancouver came out to support the boy and inform him that tons of people do, in fact, care very much about him.

With his team of supporters behind him, Halsey was able to stand up to his bullies and show them just how wrong they were.

“It’s just unbelievable,” he told KATU2 local news. “I now know whenever I get bullied I’ll raise my head up and say, ‘Sorry, I have too many friends to think I’m being bullied.’”

While Halsey’s support group was formed under exceptional circumstances, wouldn’t it be a great thought to make them a high school standard? Enough with the jerk teens breaking others’ self esteem. Time for a little proactive table turning.


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Chiara O. Scuri

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