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Teens “check out” pretty woman, foil kidnapping attempt in the process

The best instance of an admiring glance in history
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Chiara O. Scuri, October 26, 2013 7:46:24 AM

Two Texas teens thought they were just checking out an attractive woman sitting in a nice car.

It turns out their admiration inadvertently saved the woman from an alleged kidnapping.

As Your Jewish News reports, the boys, Aaron Arias, 19, and Jamal Harris, 17, were driving when they noticed a pretty woman who caught their eye. As young men have been occasionally known to do, they tried to get her attention.

That’s when they noticed something was wrong.

“We finally made eye contact with her and I could see the serious expression on her face. I could read her lips and she was saying ‘Help me’,” said Jamal.

Smashing every single stereotype about teenagers that you read in mainstream media stories these days, the quick-thinking boys called 911 and reported their suspicions.

To make sure the car didn’t get away, they tailed it until police arrived and watched as they rescued the 25-year-old woman from the car at gunpoint.

Charles Lewis Atkins, Jr. was arrested and the woman, who says he abducted her from an office party, got away shaken but physically unhurt.

To make an amazing story even better, the boys received “the best hug [they] ever got” from the grateful woman – something they certainly didn’t imagine when they first tried to get her attention.

Though many women don’t appreciate being checked out by obvious admirers, in this case it proved the most fortunate instance of admiration in a lifetime.


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Chiara O. Scuri

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