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Vancouver artist uses postcards to spread a little love

Small pieces of beautiful art will be mailed to 100 people around the world. Specifically, those who are most in need of a little boost.
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February 18, 2014 3:07:19 PM

Who couldn’t use a little encouragement in their day-to-day life?

While in Honolulu for a mural festival, Vancouver-based artist Jeff Hamada has undertaken a special project that combines visual art with the art of fostering human connection and empathy. Hamada has enlisted Hawaiian residents to write words of encouragement on postcards. These beautiful pieces of 6 x 4 inch art will then be mailed to over 100 people around the world. Specifically, people who have expressed that they’re in need of a little boost.

“I wanted to make people consider someone else’s life for even two minutes,” Hamada writes via email about his Love From Hawaii Free Encouragement project.

One future postcard recipient writes:

I’m a design student and I’m racked with self-doubt. I just don’t feel creative anymore. I love design but I’m constantly unsure of whether this was the right choice of career for me. I need some encouragement to help ease my anxiety.

And another:

I’m a single mother of four struggling to make ends meet. I just got a new promising job but it hasn’t taken off yet so my family is still teetering on the brink of homelessness…

While reading through response postcards, lovingly photo documented on Hamada’s site, it’s hard to resist getting a throat-lump. This visual call-and-response is a reminder that everyone on the planet is struggling in some way or another, and one might imagine that receiving such handwritten love could accomplish anything from brightening someone’s day to genuinely saving a life.

“I hope that these postcards all reach their intended destinations,” Hamada said. “And when they arrive, the messages actually encourage the people who read them — even if only for a moment.”

Perhaps Hamada will consider expanding his project to PostSecret levels, where those who need a kind word or two can reach out for support — and be answered by a loving community of kindhearted people who, temporarily putting their own problems aside, rally together in order to help a complete and total stranger conquer their own.

Article by: Sofi Papamarko


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