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May 21 - Jun 21
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January 19, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Too much of one thing is boring and stifling to your energy level. After all, variety is the spice of life. So today, you have got to try to mix things up and change your daily routine around. It doesn't matter how you do it. You can take a new route to work or school, wear an old pair of shoes from the back of your closet, or book yourself a flight out of the country. Just do something that puts you in an unfamiliar situation or place today! It will energize you.


You know the importance of skepticism, which is why, smart as you are, you never take your own certainties to be too certain. A perfect example of how much better off you are for thinking this way comes on Monday, when you're radically reeducated in something you thought you knew. Tuesday and Wednesday, you begin wondering about all the other things you think you know that maybe you don't -- a distressing situation, but one you can't do much about. Have faith in yourself and, especially on Thursday and Friday, in others. The people around you are quality. Concentrate on them this weekend.


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