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Jul 22 - Aug 22
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January 22, 2013 12:00:00 AM


In one of your groups, there has been a vacancy in the leadership position for some time now -- folks need a leader, and you should give serious consideration to nominating yourself for the job. People enjoy the unique perspective you bring to the scene, and they will react well to your new ideas for how to run things. Pull someone aside today and ask them what they think about you stepping up to the plate. They'll have some very encouraging feedback for you.


Things seem very weird as the week begins -- you aren't entirely certain what you're hearing from your sweetie or match. Things should clear up soon. Your social energy is fired up on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it's easier than ever to meet new people and impress them -- or to integrate different parts of your life. Watch out for ego later in the week, because that's the only thing coming between you and perfect bliss. Fortunately, your amazing personal energy shines brightly this weekend, so all is forgiven (if it needs to be).


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