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Nov 22 - Dec 21
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February 23, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Your luck is about to change today -- which is very good news if you have been striking out left and right. And conversely, it's not such good news if life has been sweet and easy lately. There is always going to be change in your life, and you have to get used to it. Having to alter your plans is not necessarily a negative thing. Often, revised plans reap better results, in the end, than the original ones would have. Try to appreciate change.


You're unable to penetrate the surface reality on Monday and Tuesday -- everyone is talking about how certain people look, what they're wearing, what someone said (versus what they probably meant). Harmless stuff, but when you're not in the mood for it, it can make you vaguely nauseated. It makes perfect sense that you find yourself following your own path this week, spending time on personal projects, reading a lot and investing energy in meaningful activities such as calling old friends. It isn't until the weekend that you get out of the house. Travel or adventure may be involved.


Spend as much time as possible with friends and loved ones as the month gets going on the 1st and 2nd, and you'll feel great. As in totally fulfilled. As in, to the max. Yay! Bury yourself in work, though, and you'll feel a little blue. C'mon! No matter how much you have to do, you can make time for the things that are important in your life. By the wonderful 5th and 6th, you'll have a lot of time for your loved ones, and you will all be loving it! Take things outdoors, and you'll be even more impressed with how fantastic you (and they) feel. A few metaphors you come across (a door opening suddenly? A breeze blowing away the clouds) seem to fit your situation perfectly on the 11th and 12th. Make note of them! By the happy, active and romantic 13th, 14th and 15th, you are happy, active and romantic. Keep up the awesome work! On the 18th, 19th and 20th, there's so much going on that you might feel like your head is spinning. Look on the bright side: At least you aren't bored! Stay your cool, calm, collected self on the 25th, 26th and 27th. No matter how nuts things are! Go out with friends on the 28th.
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