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Aug 22 - Sep 22
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February 26, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Spend your money quickly today and you'll be feeling the sting in your wallet a lot longer than you ever expected to! Take any transactions slowly, and don't use your plastic if you can avoid it. Impulse buys require much more financial commitment than you realize. Commitment is an issue in one of your friendships, too -- they want more of your time than you're willing to give. Make it clear what your boundaries are, before they get the wrong idea.


You're overflowing with great energy as the week begins -- open up and help someone close to you with some major problem they're going through, it shouldn't take long to correct their course. Wednesday and Thursday are great for long conversations that help shape the future -- yours or someone else's. Remember to compromise! Over the weekend, expect the usual give-and-take of your home life to give way a bit, as your power increases. That does mean you need to listen more carefully, though!


If you discover that you suddenly have an incredible yen to buy something you know you can't afford on the 1st or 2nd, just breathe deeply. You'll discover that the situation has a silver lining. And how? Don't give up asking until you are sure you have the answer. (Does this inability to buy a brand new mansion in the hills make you realize that you really just need to do a little thrift store redecoration? Does the fact that that sports car is out of your range mean you'll have to spend more time on your bike?) Enjoy the search! By the romantic 7th and 8th, somebody at work really, really thinks you are cute. How exciting! Give some relationship issues some serious thought on the 11th and 12th. They deserve it! By the fun-filled 16th and 17th, trust your gut when it comes to planning. After all, isn't it usually pretty right on? Organize a super-fun get-together on the 21st and 22nd. You're in a pretty amazing kind of place on the 25th, 26th and 27th -- make the most of it. If you're feeling indecisive on the 28th, go with it. Take both!
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