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Jun 22 - Jul 22
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March 23, 2013 12:00:00 AM


You'll receive an inexpensive but impactful gift today -- and it will be no bargain basement purchase! It will be more like a gift of an idea, an inspiration that will create a spark in your mind. This spark could grow into a flame of new romantic feelings, it could become a brilliant new idea, or it could just fizzle out into a warm and pleasant feeling. But enjoy the eureka moment, because it's nice to be reminded that life is still full of surprises.


Cranky's no way to start this week, but you'll have to make a real effort to avoid it -- get a little exercise and give yourself a treat. Then, from Tuesday through sometime Thursday, it's the stars that are boosting your morale -- look for rejuvenating energy, inspirational ideas and spot-on intuition. You have an extravagant streak around Friday or Saturday, but check your budget before you indulge it -- and ask yourself whether it'll make you happy in a meaningful way. Simple can be best. Tidy up on Sunday, and catch up with someone you miss, too.


If you think the kitchen should be pink and they think the kitchen should be green, the first thing to ask yourself on the 1st is: Whose kitchen is it, anyway? If the answer is, 'ours,' then you have to compromise. If the answer is 'mine,' then you don't. And if the answer is 'theirs,' then you don't need to be part of the discussion, at all. Right? By the somewhat mysterious and discombobulating 4th and 5th, a puzzle might threaten to get the better of you. Keep at it, and it won't. What's on your plate on the 10th, 11th or 12th? Is it healthy? Not so healthy? Is it something exotic? Something boring? Go for the dish you've never tried before, if you have a choice. By the oh-so-very-social 15th and 16th, you should be meeting and greeting and handshaking and cookie baking (and cookie bringing) as much as you possibly can. You have a well deserved success on the 20th or 21st, and you really should enjoy it! Communicate, and the world is your oyster on the 25th and 26th. Keep your good energy going with a great workout on the 31st.
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