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Apr 21 - May 20
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April 19, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Usually you can be tolerant of just about anything, but today your sensitivity level is high -- and your temper is short. So if you want to keep from blowing your top, you should do whatever you can to avoid all the people who have pushed you near the breaking point in the past. But, if you are itching for a fight, these are the people you should walk right up to early in the day. Getting everything off your chest might feel awfully good and empowering.


Charge into your week on Monday, when your willpower (plus a little extra charm) can get you nearly anywhere (or anyone!). By Tuesday and Wednesday, the cosmic energy's more at odds with your nature, and you could find yourself doing something out of character -- making a sudden snap decision or just wasting time. But you find your pace again and then some at the end of the workweek; it's a stellar time to make your wishes and hopes known. (Try it in both a work and a romantic context!) As for the weekend, you'll need to take care with how you express yourself. Meet them halfway!


Use your charm on them on the 1st. Yep, whether you need to charm the bus driver into waiting an extra minute for your coworker who's running late, or you need to charm your boss into giving you a raise, or you need to charm your partner into bringing you a cheese sandwich while you're watching TV because you're just too lazy to get up and go to the kitchen to make it yourself, a nice big smile and a whole lot of thank you, thank you, thank yous will get you just what you want. By the slightly weird 4th, 5th and 6th, things are a little bizarre! Try your best to enjoy them that way. You have a major inspiration on the 11th! And another on the 12th! And yet another on the 13th. Yep, everything is going pretty great, from where you're sitting. Get in a little springtime sunshine and enjoy yourself! Cook a lovely dinner for two or for twelve on the 16th, 17th or 18th. Healthy, homemade food is just the thing to bring everyone together! Romance surprises you, then gives you a great big kiss, on the 21st or 22nd. Smooch! Feeling a little intensely jealous on the 26th or 27th? Breathe deeply! You could learn something new on the 30th.
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