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Feb 19 - Mar 20
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April 19, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Taking another look at your health and diet will be interesting today. Things have changed more than you realized, and it will either be time for a celebration -- or time for a complete overhaul. If you have slipped a bit, then you need to face facts and trim the fat -- literally! Investigate new ideas on how to eat better and exercise more. But if the change has been a healthy one, then let yourself take one day off and celebrate. You've got the fundamentals, and you are on your way!


Monday's about sharing your thoughts and feelings, as well as hearing those of others. You may want to keep stuff to yourself a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday, when all things are in flux. Go with the proverbial flow -- you're great at it. Be sure to keep those options open. At the end of the workweek, love's the focus -- who are you seeing and how do they look right about now? If you're wearing rose-colored glasses, recognize it and enjoy the view. As for the weekend, your health is highlighted. Get rest instead of partying and eat right -- you know the drill.


Don't forget on the 1st that even though you are almost always right, you are also human, which means you are fallible, which means that it's just possible that maybe this once you might not be totally right, which means that you should be open to critique. You should stay open to other opinions. You need to consider the idea that taking things in a different direction might actually improve them. You can do it, sweet pea! By the 5th, someone may be asking for your advice, so offer it graciously. Everything is coming up roses on the super lovely, happy, successful 7th and 8th. By the supremely romantic 11th, 12th and 13th, you are the very happy object of someone's affections, and you like it a lot! Do a little health routine maintenance on the 19th and 20th. Have you been slacking when it comes to staying fit? Have you been forgetting to eat? Forgetting to eat healthfully? Well, fix it! Do your financial accounting on the 23rd, 24th and 25th. It's super important. An influential friend really, really helps you out on the 30th. Send them a bouquet in thanks!
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