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Sep 23 - Oct 23
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April 19, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Hope is the word to hold on to today -- no matter how unlikely success might seem from where you are standing now, amazing things can happen. You must think positively, because you know in your heart that positive things can happen. People can show up from out of the blue. Mother Nature can sweep in and change everything. Money can be found in the pocket of a coat forgotten in the back of the closet. The answer to your problem is out there -- open your mind to it.


Good manners count on Monday, and you might have to do more than your fair share in this regard. Take the high road -- you look good up there. On Tuesday or Wednesday, a one-on-one looks extremely productive. Will it be a brainstorming session, a negotiation, a heart-to-heart? Bring a new idea to whatever kind of meeting you set up. At the end of the workweek, you're focused on moving existing concepts along, tweaking and creating wiggle room (whether on the job or personally). Make plans to catch up with friends and family this weekend; those bonds need nurturing, and the nurturing can be fun.


If you are feeling good on the 1st, then say so! If you're feeling a little chilly, then say that! If you are feeling a little annoyed, then say you are! After all, if you express yourself, you will be able to clear things up and be all that much more likely to be able to say you feel great, afterwards! Which you should say, if you start to feel that way. For you, the most important thing is to practice letting people know what's going on for you, internally, instead of hiding your feelings all the time. Romance blooms on the 5th and yes, this is related to your newfound expressiveness. Focus on how you relate, and you could improve your relationships on the 10th. By the experience-rich 15th, do everything you can to live to your fullest. Really! What have you been dreaming of, as far as your social life is concerned? A Bohemian cocktail party? A film club? Make it happen on the 20th! You're in a good mood, and for good reason, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Say it out loud! Respect your limits on the 30th.
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