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May 21 - Jun 21
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May 14, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Turn a deaf ear to the sweet talkers who'll be buzzing around you today -- they want something for all their flattery, and it's probably not something that you feel at liberty to give. You've got to make it clear to people that you can't help them out with what they want, even though you know it probably means you'll be saying goodbye to all of their positive attention. But positive attention for ulterior motives isn't legitimate, so what is it really worth?


You might not feel your good ol' adaptable self as the week begins, but try not to be too critical. Conflicting demands will make it difficult to be flexible on Monday. The situation should lighten up from Monday evening through Wednesday, as you find yourself the center of attention, surrounded by like-minded friends who want to have fun debating heady ideas. On Thursday, Friday and early Saturday, you'll need to focus on life's smaller details (like bills and errands), but expect to have a lot more fun on Saturday night and Sunday. You'll have plenty of energy for taking on new things, whether ideas, projects or conversations.


Is something in your life not quite as clear as those stunning springtime skies overhead? Is some aspect of a relationship or project murkier than the crystalline call of birdsong in the heavens? On the 1st, it's high time you brought things in your life into alignment with nature. So clarify, clarify, clarify! By the oh so-creative 4th and 5th, a terrific idea will help you with this whole bringing-things-into-alignment project. Yeah! By the superb 11th and 12th, you really know where you are going and what you want and how you're going to get it. And that feels good! Put your ideas into action for best results on the 16th and 17th. You're a real project starter on the 21st and 22nd. As long as you (and everyone else) are clear on your role (namely, that you're the idea person, here, and somebody else is going to have to take care of all the follow-through), everything will work wonderfully. You really need to bring some subterranean issues to the surface on the 27th and 28th. Otherwise, they'll confuse things! Dreaming about change could be more useful than you realize on the 31st.
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