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Oct 24 - Nov 21
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June 28, 2013 12:00:00 AM


It's easy to keep denying yourself the fun you've wanted to have, to keep telling yourself that you'll do it next week, or next month or next year. Fortunately, you have someone in your life now who won't let you get away with that kind of thing -- not now, anyway. Don't argue with them, and for heaven's sake, don't alienate them. Reward them. Take them along for the ride, whether it's via car, plane or train.


You're in control at the start of the week. Everyone's waiting on you, so be benevolent in your dominance over the situation. Pay someone a compliment and consider other people's perspectives. But then charge forward mightily. Others will follow. If only you had the same momentum in your home life, but conflict is the order of the day under your roof midweek. You may have to let someone else be in charge. Relinquishing decision-making duties can be a relief. Friday and Saturday, happiness comes in the form of a big kiss from someone who makes your heart jump. On Sunday, do something athletic.


You know that reality is sometimes more complicated than it might seem to other, less-sensitive and less-attuned people. Sure, there is the reality you see, but there is also the reality of what you want, where you are putting your energies, what you've focused on and what you're seeking. This invisible reality has its own power, and even if no one else around you is aware of it on the 1st, you are. And that's what counts. So keep wishing, hoping, looking and striving. It's pretty powerful stuff. A relationship is something you absolutely need to give your attention to on the 5th and 6th. Do it. Your intuitive energies are amazing on the 10th and 11th. Don't hesitate to follow your gut, wherever it leads. Small details add up to a very big picture, so keep them straight as you go about your days on the 15th and 16th. Great news makes you feel fabulous on the 19th and 20th. Wonderful! A little bit of unrest in your personal space could mean it's time to re evaluate how much energy you are giving your private life on the 25th. Work out on the 30th.
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