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Mar 21 - Apr 20
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June 28, 2013 12:00:00 AM


After thinking about making changes for so long and not mentioning it to anyone, the obvious solution has suddenly dawned on you: If you really want to change, what could possibly fulfill that urge more dramatically than moving, long distance? After all, that would mean you'd have to change your home, your job, all your relationships and all your habits. If all this sounds invigorating rather than frightening, get busy. The sooner the better.


If you had to rank your priorities at the week's outset, work would be on top. The more career success you have, the more success you want -- and on Monday or Tuesday you have the chance to take a major step forward. Midweek you're in a strange position: You've gotten what you wanted and are wondering what's next. Someone who hasn't been as lucky may come to you for advice. Thursday you're surrounded by people who are in awe of you, which is nice but gets old fast. Friday, change the social dynamic by doing a favor for someone. Saturday you're introverted and dreamy, and Sunday's a blast.


As the month gets going on the 1st, you might want to just sit back and coast a little. Why's that, you ask? Why not jump in and fix all those problems? Well, honey bunch, there's a good reason: Because it's kind of looking like jumping in and trying to fix the problems you encounter is only going to make it all muddier right now. So give yourself the afternoon off, to the extent you can, and just rest up. You'll need your energy for all the awesomeness coming your way on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. After all, awesomeness requires a lot of extra energy! Get as much done as humanly possible on the 10th and 11th, and you'll see some amazing results, particularly in the work arena. Summer has arrived, and on the 15th and 16th, it's time to make sure your body knows it. Get outside! Run around! Work out! Enjoy! Why do the same-old, same-old when you could really rock and roll on the 21st and 22nd? Rock and roll! Go outside and sit in the sun on the 27th. Seriously, it's the most productive thing you can do right now. Pioneer on the 30th.
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