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Nov 22 - Dec 21
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July 17, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Your imagination is an unpredictable thing -- sometimes it creates an idea for your future that is possible and positive. And then sometimes, it comes up with darker, negative worst-case scenarios. Obviously, that thinking gets you nowhere, so you need to switch things over to the sunnier side of the mental street in order to make any progress. In order to ensure you keep thinking positively, surround yourself with people who know how to get things done.


On Monday, everything is easygoing on the surface, but by Tuesday or Wednesday, you see that there's a lot more brewing underneath. You can help turn down the heat by refusing to spread any rumors or innuendo. By Thursday, you're glad you stayed out of it when you get a new project at work or make a new friend -- your schedule is jam-packed as it is. Friday and Saturday, adjust your expectations (think big, bigger, biggest) and on Sunday, calibrate the steps you need to get there (think small, smaller, as specific as possible).


There is nothing quite like summertime, is there? The sunshine, the swimming, the delicious fresh fruits and veggies, the good vibes and good times. You are really into all of this the 1st, and you glow with that special, sun kissed summertime glow you get. Is it any wonder so many cuties are finding you irresistible? By the 4th, 5th and 6th, you are more than happy to shoot the breeze by the poolside. So get yourself to a poolside! Why waste your energy asking for a raise when you could be spending it snagging that amazing new project, the 12th and 13th? (Snag that project!). By the super wonderful 19th and 20th, it's hard to imagine things going any better. Invite a few friends over to share in your joy! Get metaphysical on it all, the 25th and 26th. What does it all mean? By the 29th, 30th and 31st, you'll be communicating so well you could finally make a real breakthrough. Did they finally understand what you've been trying to say all along? Did you?
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