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Sep 23 - Oct 23
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August 2, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Good and bad energy are floating around you today -- and you need to figure out how to avoid the bad. Sure, negative vibes are just a part of life -- sometimes a bummer in your day provides the motivation you need to make a change. But you don't have to deal with it if you don't want to right now. Avoidance isn't a long-term solution, but it's good enough for now. You deserve a day without having to deal with a bunch of different hassles.


Decisions may be elusive during the day on Monday, but new ideas are flowing. Over the next few days, though, it's best to put fresh concepts on the back-burner and let them stew a bit; you have your hands full with projects you've already started, not to mention friends and family. Thursday and Friday offer energy to spark your imagination and maybe even ignite your passion. Look for what's challenging now -- you love it as much as other people take comfort in the same old stuff. All things social are favored this weekend, so say yes to any invitations.


Communicate the things that lie deepest down in the most secret regions of your being with someone you love on the 1st and 2nd. Sure, it's a tall order. After all, it's not easy for anybody to go scavenging down in those tender places. And sharing what you find there can demand a real leap of faith. But leap. The payoff will be amazing, both in terms of the lightness you feel and the closeness you generate afterwards. You're a natural leader, and that's truer than ever on the 6th and 7th. Lead! Great news comes your way on the 11th and 12th. What will you do with these incredible developments? Why, make the most of them, of course! You and they and those great friends you invited and the great friends they invited will have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time at the end of-summer pool party on the 19th and 20th. By the somewhat unstable 23rd, 24th and 25th, lots of emotions could be ricocheting around in your vicinity. Do your best to make sure they are channeled into positive and constructive ways. Go to a yoga class on the 30th. You really need to stay flexible!
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