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Sep 23 - Oct 23
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October 30, 2013 12:00:00 AM


You will have to work hard to be a good listener today, because unless you do, you could miss out on an amazing opportunity. People are speaking in a sort of code, and they won't make it easy to be understood. So if you want to really know what the deal is, you're going to have to hear what they mean, not just what they say. Factor in their body language, and you will be able to pick up on a lot of information you can use to your advantage in the near future.


Your creative energy is fully engaged early this week, and you should make the most of it! You may feel the urge to redecorate or otherwise change up the way things look. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you are almost certainly dealing with responsibilities that feel a little overwhelming, but only because you haven't figured out the limits yet. Think it all through and things should be fine in the long run. Good energy floods into your life in the second half of the week, and that makes it much easier for you to find time for all the most important people in your life.


Creativity is the task of the day for you on the 1st. You sometimes pretend like you aren't a creative type, like you don't really know what to do with a colored pencil, like you don't care if your bed sheets are beige or periwinkle blue. But deep down, you know better: You have great instincts and an impressive urge when it comes to making things beautiful. Heck, when it comes to making things, period! You just have a knack. And going for it really makes you feel good. By the super wonderful 4th and 5th, you feel good doing just about anything. Even boring things! How's that? Well, it could be that you're doing those boring things (like the dishes) in the company of a very romantic someone. By the bluesy 11th and 12th, you might need a break from it all. Take one! Focus on relationships on the 17th and 18th (seriously). Friends and family should climb to the top of your priority list on the 24th, 25th and 26th. After all, you need them! And they love being needed by you. Listen to that nagging voice in your head, but not uncritically, on the 29th, 30th and 31st.
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