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Jan 20 - Feb 18
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October 30, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Little details will be fluttering around you today. Dates, new names, addresses and minutiae abound. But the good news is that your mind is so razor sharp right now that you'll have to trouble whatsoever keeping track of it all. This is a great time for party-planning or travel -- you will be able to handle last minute delays or rescheduling without blinking an eye. And you stay cheerful throughout! After all, why wouldn't you be happy, when you can handle things so well?


Tensions lead to discoveries on Monday, so don't be afraid of confrontation. In fact, you may want to instigate something just to see what happens -- at worst, you just have to apologize and move on. Things aren't quite what they seem in the middle of the week, but a bit of careful investigation should yield some interesting insights. Keep looking until you're satisfied. You're tempted to try something new and daring over the weekend, and your great mental and social energies should make it a no-brainer: Go for it!


So on the 1st, if you find yourself repeatedly stuck in various power struggles and disagreements and you are using all your energy fighting fights that you don't really care about, don't you think it's time to re-prioritize? Just a little? Maybe you should focus less on getting your coworkers to agree with you and more on getting to the gym every single day. Maybe you should spend less time complaining about your partner and more time spending time with them. And so on. It's something to think about, anyway. By the 5th, you're itching to experience something new. Go for it! What about a Swedish massage? You and they are in a pretty fabulous kind of place on the 9th and 10th. Wow! Can you feel your lungs and your emotional horizons expanding? Enjoy the awesome days coming your way on the 13th and 14th. Don't overspend on the 15th. By the slightly boring 20th, try to embrace being slightly bored. How do you really feel on the 25th? Compromise on the 29th, 30th and 31st; as in really and truly compromise, for real.
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