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Dec 22 - Jan 19
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November 3, 2013 12:00:00 AM


Your gift, today, is the great ability to accept the things you cannot change in your life, which will come in handy. There is a lot going on that is beyond your control right now, and there is no point in getting frustrated about it. Your best bet is to keep busy with the few things you can control right now -- your attitude, your sense of confidence, and your focus. This period will pass soon enough, but in the meantime you should get comfortable doing what you're told.


Monday is all about your friends. There's a chance you may need to call on someone for help, but everyone always calls on you for help, so there's no need to feel guilty. There is a lot you want to get done by midweek, and some of it is going to seem impossible. Rest assured, it's not. When you and your best pals put your heads together, there's really not very much you can't do. Persevere and you will prevail. Even this weekend, an unexpected (and positive) outcome is going to prove that the world is aligned in your favor.


You have a lot of fledgling ideas that could really take off and fly, fly, fly away one day if you nurture them with lots of little proverbial worms, right now, on the 1st and 2nd. So go out and find those worms! Then fly home and feed those fledgling ideas! Get that worm down in that fledgling little gullet! Good work! Pretty soon, your idea will sprout real feathers. By the fabulous 7th and 8th, everything you do is fabulous! Everyone you meet is fabulous! All your ideas are fabulous! You feel fabulous! Just don't skip your swim (that wouldn't be so fabulous). Everybody experiences that push-and-pull tension between safety and adventure, security and risk, domestic harmony and the desire to roam the country sleeping on couches and listening to stories. You'll experience something like this on the 13th, 14th and 15th. Find your best solution! By the 20th, you are not bored. No-sir-ee! Get in gear to solve a problem at work on the 25th. Meet up with friends on the 30th. They want to know how it's going!
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