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Aug 22 - Sep 22
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November 23, 2013 12:00:00 AM


You will be bouncing up and down between opposite experiences all day long, but these extreme situations will be an awful lot of fun! You have the flexibility required to go with the flow, no matter how sudden or unexpected changes are. The only problem is that you make it all look too easy, so no one is going to recognize the skills that you possess. This is a wonderful day to try a new look and see how it goes over with friends. Updating your wardrobe is always fun.


Focus on work or school issues early this week, as your mindset should be perfectly in line with whatever task you find in front of you. Take as long as you need and try not to let anyone dissuade you from your work. You and your friends finally reconnect on Wednesday, and you should find that your social energy keeps you moving through the next couple of days at high speeds. The weekend is a good time to kick back and let others take the limelight -- but remember that your time is coming up for the spotlight, too. Get ready!


Ah, you could be so very tempted to splurge on that new kitchen appliance that not only self-bakes bread but also bakes cakes, fries donuts and has a musical alarm clock on the 1st or 2nd. Before you do, stop and think, very, very carefully. Do you ever bake bread? Doesn't the oven work perfectly well for cakes? Aren't donuts super unhealthy, and not your favorite thing, anyway? And who needs a musical alarm clock in the kitchen, of all places? Then put away the plastic and go for a swim. It will genuinely make you feel good, unlike the quick-fix of retail therapy. Your hard work is rewarded, in big and little ways, on the 7th and 8th. Don't squander your energy, your financial resources or your precious time, no matter who thinks you should, on the 13th, 14th or 15th. Work requires your full attention on the 20th. Give it all you've got. A really romantic date or two are what you need, and what you get, on the incredibly flirty 26th and 27th. Great. Delve in deep, when it comes to understanding an issue, on the 30th.
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