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Jun 22 - Jul 22
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December 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM


The feelings you have been trying to hide refuse to be hidden! Today, they are going to start oozing out of you whether you want them to or not -- so do yourself a favor and just open up already! You are no longer indecisive about what you really think, so why not let people know what it is? It's not like you're going to change your mind or anything. And they really do want to know what you think. So stop being evasive and start being more forthright.


You have a slightly harder time fitting into your social life than usual today, though that doesn't mean you should just cloister yourself away! Try to just apply yourself as well as you can on Monday and Tuesday, though you can feel a blockage in energy that you know is short-lived. You need to deal with the conflict between your inner live and outer life midweek, and should find an easy out that is lasting. Your emotional side causes problems this weekend, but only for those among your friends and family who are more aloof or reserved.


If you are feeling emotionally up and down and even all around on the 1st, don't take it too hard. After all, the holiday season is right around the corner, and that has an impact on everybody, whether it's a positive one or a not-entirely-positive one. Since you're so sensitive, you're probably picking up on tons of signals coming from your surroundings. Instead of reacting, do what you can to center yourself in yourself. Go to yoga, go for a wintery hike in the woods. By the 4th and 5th, things could be going great or not so great, and the person with the power to determine which it is -- is you. So make it great! Go ahead and zone out on the 8th, 9th and 10th. Go ahead and let loose, a little (or a lot) on the 15th, 16th or 17th. Get up there on that karaoke stage! Let loose! Go wild! Sing your heart out! Dance, too! Some fabulous vibes and terrific news coupled with a few great hair days put you in a wonderful mood on the 18th and 19th. Yay! Do everything you can to maintain a peaceful atmosphere around the house on the 25th, 26th and 27th. And sometimes even that might not be enough. Don't blame yourself. Just try to enjoy things! Do some serious career thinking on the 30th and 31st. Then celebrate!
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