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Oct 24 - Nov 21
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January 4, 2014 12:00:00 AM


They've opened the door -- well, reopened it, actually -- and you're feeling a bit suspicious about why. It's okay. When someone has been absent for this long, anyone with a brain would wonder why they were being welcomed back with open arms so quickly. Still, don't cheat yourself out of a reunion by wondering too much. It's entirely possibly they've come to their senses and realized how much they miss you.


Good thing you love mysteries, because Monday's got some for you (there may even be a romantic puzzle to solve). While you may want to take a free-form, go-with-the-flow approach on Tuesday and Wednesday, a plan and a steady pace will get you further, faster. (Seek help with the plan if you need it.) Prepare for competition around Thursday and Friday. Avoid letting yourself be ambushed and consider some unusual tactics (make them an ally or kill them with kindness, for instance). It's best not to work this weekend, but if you must, give it your total concentration or risk slip-ups.


You work well with someone on the 1st. Are you both chopping fruit for a New Year's brunch and realize that, together, you can make an awesome salad? Are you members of the same sunrise jogging group, and today, you're the only two who show up? Whatever it is you're doing, you're glad to be doing it with them. And the feeling is totally mutual. Romance is in the air (and in their eyes) on the 5th and 6th. Incredible! What a way to feel! Look at those goose bumps! Enjoy all these amazing sensations. Be sure you're maintaining a realistic perspective -- and communicating -- on the 12th and 13th. After all, if you get too caught up in daydreams, you'll miss all the excitement to be had here in reality! Lend a hand or do a favor, and see what happens on the 19th, 20th and 21st. You could be amazed! Some seriously good news puts you in a seriously good mood on the seriously good 24th and 25th. It's serious! Then again, so are you. A few conflicting ideas could really get a great dialogue going on the 30th and 31st, as long as you nurture competing points of view. Seek harmony in difference! You can't go wrong.
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