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Girls dig guitars (and beards and “big ones”)

Guitar: check. Stubble: check. Shoe size? Yes, it does matter.
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Bobby Box, May 13, 2013 11:23:49 AM

A new study proves women like musicians. But you already knew this, I’m sure of it.

Three hundred women between the ages of 18 and 22 were randomly approached by a 20-yeard-old man who would first compliment them, then ask for their number. The variable in the study being the items the young man was holding: a guitar case, a gym bag or nothing at all. The findings were as follows:

Guitar case: 31 per cent of women gave him their number
Nothing: 14 per cent of women gave him their number
Sports bag: 9 per cent of women gave him their number

The only new and interesting discoveries of the study were that musicians beat out the jocks, proving that visual cues of creativity tend to attract women.

While I’m no musician — I did dress up like my favourite anemic rockstars in high school, and became mediocrely popular on Myspace as an ardent follower of any band who made it’s way through Downtown Hamilton — this study is right on the heels of two others, suggesting women like beards (well, 10-day stubble) and big wieners. So if you have all three, I guess you’re a shoe-in, a rather large shoe, if the theory proves true.


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Bobby Box

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