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Nudie etiquette: What to consider before sending

Enjoy a little sneaky peak? Stop and think before you hit send on that sexy picture.
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Bobby Box, June 18, 2013 5:48:05 AM

Have you ever received a dick pic? Chances are if you have, you weren’t too happy about it—well, unless you asked for it, or you’re a girl with a bad reputation. This digital extension of male perviness has become a trend despite the unintended reaction this gesture commonly receives; it’s something us guys think women appreciate and should reciprocate, but—as is usually the case when guys assume something about the fairer sex—we’re dead wrong. Like dead, then reanimates and dies again, dead wrong.

What better way to prove this point than to provide a recent instance where karma got in the way of one’s…cockiness (pun is always intended).

A man by the name of Trevor, who I assume lives by the Tucker Max code of ethics, sent a fellow member of the dating app—founded by the co-creator of alt-porn site Suicide Girls—LetsDate, a picture of HIS member after some surface-level conversation via text. (Best part is, he sent the picture after commenting on the weather, which is usually a sign that two people have nothing to talk about, ergo, have nothing in common.)

“You don’t like?” Trevor asked after sending the nude.

“F*** no,” the female recipient responded.

“Too big for ya?” he inquired. (Yes Trevor, I’m sure that’s the reason.)

“Relax; it’s only my c***” he responded shortly after some silence, obviously expecting a different reaction. The recipient then threatened to let Trevor’s mom know what her son was up to while he was supposedly playing Candy Crush—a Facebook-based game that we all receive a request to play on a weekly basis.

“That is not right,” Trevor protested. “Don’t do that it’s my mom.”

“It is right.” She replied. “She should know how you perpetuate rape culture. I am sick of being treated like this.”

Sure enough, when later asked by media if she had, in fact, spoke to Trevor’s mom she replied, “Oh, I sent [the picture], and I expressed to her my extreme worry over his treatment of women.”

Good for her. Bad for Trevor. Horrifying for Trevor’s mother.

While I understand sending nude pictures of yourself can build anticipation for an impending sexual encounter, is it worth the risk of the wrong kind of exposure? The internet can be just as scary as it is fascinating. So before you station yourself in front of the mirror and pull them pants down, take some time and go over these five following factors to consider before hitting send.

1. Who is this person?
As is obvious with Trevor’s case, do not send a nude to somebody you don’t know and trust.

2. Nobody is 100% trustworthy
Even if you’re sending your nudie pictures to a boyfriend or girlfriend, remember: if they misplace that phone, any stranger can find these photos and upload them. Or, in the event of a bad breakup, your ex may seek revenge and send your pictures to friends and, even worse, family—or the entire internet. To fight temptation on your end, delete all nudes right after a breakup.

3. Own it
If it’s too late and your photos have already gone public, don’t deny it if the pictures are obviously you (say, the photos reveal a distinct tattoo, a face shot, etc.) ‘Fess up to it, things will pass MUCH quicker. Denying delays resolution. Another tip: As per the above, keep nudes free of distinct tattoos or facial features.

4. Set the mood
Before sending a nudie photo, make sure the recipient wants it. A man and woman’s genitals, when not forewarned, are a rather shocking sight. People need to be prepared before they’re sent something so, well, ugly. But, when in the mood, there’s nothing you’d rather look at, touch, etc. so, make sure the mood is right. Or, what I recommend, just tell them you’re about to send it and wait for their response before sending.

5. Don’t expect reciprocation
If you’ve sent the photograph, don’t expect to receive something back, or worse, don’t pressure them into reciprocating. It was your decision to send the picture, and if not agreed upon beforehand, you probably won’t be receiving something back─though a compliment would be nice.


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